Black Lives Matter

By Evoke

June 2, 2020

June 2, 2020 – Systemic racism is one of the most serious and insidious human rights and public health crises we have experienced as a society. The recent and horrifying killing of George Floyd and others in the Black community and the protests that have followed have served to shine a brighter light and provide a louder voice to the colossal racial injustice and social inequity faced by people of color in society.

We believe these events have underscored an obligation for socially conscious organizations to treat racial justice as a shared responsibility.

As such, we’re expanding our internal diversity and inclusion efforts, including doubling our D&I program budget and matching employee donations to organizations promoting racial and social justice.

We’ll continue to deepen our collective understanding and stand united with people and organizations working toward a future centered on equality. We will stay connected with organizations looking to bring social change to and through our sector of the world and find opportunities to support, enable and champion the cause.

Systemic racism must not go unnamed.
Systemic racism must not go unchallenged.

And it is incumbent upon all of us to do everything we can to make every difference we can.