KYNE and Health: Mission-driven, starting with our employees

By Jacqueline Kyne

August 1, 2018

August 1, 2018 – At KYNE, we are invested in our employees’ well-being through our internal KYNE Wellness program. Staying true to our mission to help improve and save lives, the program provides weekly healthy lunches and snacks, massages, meditation and wellness classes. We also harness our competitive side through cross-office wellness challenges that run throughout the year including our most popular team and individual steps challenges for Earth Day and Heart Health. Through cross-office collaboration and inspiration, we are also furthering relationships in other offices, which helps mind, body and overall connection.

We recently completed a two-week mindful eating and cleanse program where participating employees removed coffee, sugar, alcohol, wheat, dairy, meat and processed foods from our diet in an effort to bring our bodies back into balance through whole foods. Using an internal social media channel (Slack), employees posted photos of what they were eating and encouraged one another with healthy tips. As part of my role, I offered guidance and simple recipes along the way. Given the team’s enthusiastic response to this program, we have decided to continue to encourage one another to support a healthy lifestyle throughout the year.

Some recommendations to help get you started with mindful living and eating:

1. Plan ahead on Sunday and shop and prepare for the week. When you have whole foods available you are less likely to reach for processed foods and sugar to lift you up.

2. Add five minutes of mindfulness /meditation to your day to help you tune in to your bodies inner wisdom. Let your gut guide you.

3. Incorporate some kind of exercise daily and time in nature. This will help you connect to a natural rhythm of life.

4. Write down five things you are grateful for each morning or evening.

5. Switch off your phone one hour before bed for a healthy rest.

Reinforcing a healthy lifestyle and self-care keeps all of us motivated and feeling better.  I hope these tips help you and your team to bring wellness to the workplace.