The Stupid Cancer Global Initiative

By Matthew Zachary

June 13, 2018

June 13, 2018 – Live from WeWork Dublin (on their opening day), Stupid Cancer is overjoyed to announce the launch of The Stupid Cancer Global Initiative (SCGI) through a joint venture with KYNE.

For more than a decade, Stupid Cancer has been the voice of the young adult cancer movement, principally for the US market.

Since 2007, we have organized and mobilized millions to take up arms on behalf of the 72,000 adolescents and young adults (AYA) diagnosed in the US each year, along with the existing AYA survivorship community of more than 3MM patients, survivors, and caregivers, many of whom struggle to get busy living each and every day.

The shared experiences we create through our life-changing live events, digital content and social influence have proven to end isolation, build community, provide education, and foster meaningful relationships that last a lifetime.

However, the unmet needs of this vastly underserved community are not limited to just the United States. Worldwide, over 975,000 young adults are diagnosed with cancer annually.

Through our international mobile app community – which now exceeds 75 countries – we’ve learned from AYAs in Ireland, the UK, and throughout Europe, that the need to accelerate progress is even more pressingly urgent.

Today, as part of a joint venture with KYNE, we announce SCGI Phase One, which is our commitment to galvanize the European AYA movement with a unified voice for change. We all have the right to be treated age-appropriately and with the dignity we deserve so we can make choices and decisions to get busy living on our terms.

SCGI Phase One will kickoff with a goal of sending a delegation of 50 AYA patients, survivors, and carers from Ireland, the UK and elsewhere in Europe to CancerCon 2019 on a full sponsored scholarship with all expenses paid. (CancerCon is Stupid Cancer’s flagship patient congress taking place April 11-14 in Denver, Colorado.)

SCGI delegates will learn from their AYA peer counterparts in the US just like them as a prelude to hosting an inaugural CancerCon Europe in Dublin in September 2019.

Stupid Cancer and KYNE will further collaborate with strategic fundraising partner LIKECHARITY in Dublin to engage with survivors, carers, advocacy groups, HCP’s, biopharmaceutical companies, technology companies, employer groups, and European governments to tackle the current gaps collectively.

This is a defining moment for the adolescent and young adult cancer movement.

Join us.

Please connect with Matthew Zachary (Founder/CEO, Stupid Cancer) or David Kyne (Founder/CEO, KYNE) if you would like to learn more and support the growth and success of this groundbreaking initiative.