our approach

work with purpose

Our approach starts with determining who we’re trying to reach and what matters most to them. We apply a rigorous methodology to ensure we’re reaching the right people, at the right time, through the right channel, with the right message. Here’s an overview of how we get there.


We use research, data and analytics to gather insight into what matters most to the communities we’re serving


We help identify and connect stakeholders and influencers, and assess the most effective ways to engage with our target audiences


and deploy

We apply an integrated communications approach to create the biggest impact, using design, digital, video, earned and paid media, and social networks


and adapt

We determine our inputs, metrics and desired outcomes, and track and course-correct, as needed

With our team of creative strategists, research analysts, media experts and communications gurus, and a partner network that includes Agora Public Affairs (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico) and Djembe Communications (Pan-Africa), we’ve got you covered.

Intent is nothing without action. Learn more about our programs.

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