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Patient Centricity
at AstraZeneca

Changing employee perspectives to achieve more patient-focused healthcare outcomes.

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AstraZeneca recognized the need to evolve to a more patient-centric business model to deliver the healthcare outcomes that have the greatest impact for patients and their loved ones.

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Changing the culture of an organization requires planning, a deep understanding of employee motivations and a driving vision behind the change. AstraZeneca needed to enable employees to lead the charge on not just being patient centric, but understanding what it is, why it is important and how it applies to every person’s job within the organization, both in measured and specific ways.

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Executed the company’s first-ever Global Patient Week, including a 24-hour global, interactive live-stream relay with sites from Australia, Japan, China, India, GCC, Russia, South Africa, Poland, Sweden, UK, Brazil, Mexico and US. Employees shared both what patient centricity meant to them and patient-centric examples of their work that has impacted the lives of patients, regardless of function or team.

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Developed a platform for colleagues to understand the significant impact patient centricity has on patients’ lives as well as business performance. Patient Week included conversations ignited by data, thought pieces and case studies. Digital content activations and in-office experiences launched, encouraging employees to continue patient-centric ways of working beyond just a moment in time.


  • +30 teams from every function and every major country in the organization participated in Patient Week with virtual and live events and content contribution
  • Thousands of employees joined the internal Workplace social group focused on patient centricity, representing a 125% increase in group membership following Patient Week
  • Exceeded benchmarks for employee engagement on social channels by 81% (content views) and 68% (likes and comments)
  • Thousands of employees downloaded and used toolkit and engagement materials, marking a significant increase against company benchmark
  • Intranet articles exceeded internal readership benchmarks
  • Finalist: 2020 SABRE North America Healthcare: Pharmaceutical: Rx and 2020 SABRE EMEA: Global Programme

"Beyond delivering effective medicines, there are many ways – big and small – that we as a company can positively impact the lives of people living with the most prevalent and impactful non-communicable diseases. This begins with a fundamental understanding of their needs, struggles, hopes and dreams – not just as patients with disease, but as people first. That’s why it was critical that we started with creating a catalyst for this perspective shift with our company-first Patient Week – delivered successfully in record time of under three months."