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Seqirus #KnockOutFlu

Driving US education and awareness on the importance of the flu vaccination.

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Seqirus is committed to helping prevent influenza (flu) among populations globally. Despite being at high risk for the flu, college students have particularly low vaccination rates.

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Research shows that college students are motivated to make health decisions based on recommendations from their mothers and peers.

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Engaged with community health partners and health-focused student organizations and let "Mom" drive conversations about flu prevention and promote vaccination among college-aged students.

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Implemented a multi-phased #KnockOutFlu campaign including "Mom Knows Best" public service announcement that drove conversations online through traditional and social media, targeted advertisments and on-campus vaccination events.


  • More than 532K people viewed the “Mom Knows Best” PSA or clicked-through to learn more about flu prevention
  • More than 9M college-aged students received flu vaccination messages through online and in-person events
  • Flu vaccination rates rose 60% among participating schools
  • Program received the 2016 Immunization Excellence Award for best Corporate Campaign from the National Adult and Influenza Immunization Summit