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Teva Asthma Launch

Utilizing insights from the asthma community to launch a new digital inhaler platform.

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There are 25 million Americans living with asthma, many of whom use rescue inhalers as part of their treatment regimen. Despite advancements in care in recent years, many are using these medications incorrectly. Teva was preparing to launch a new digital inhaler platform with the FDA approval of its ProAir® Digihaler™.

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The ability for patients to track their rescue inhaler use may help inform conversations with their doctors about treatment adherence and proper technique, but to effectively communicate this feature to patients, average health literacy must be taken into consideration. In addition, visual assets are essential to demonstrating product value to both patients and healthcare providers.

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With the FDA approval serving as Teva’s digital inhaler platform debut, executed a full-scale communications campaign to raise awareness among the media and public, and garner excitement among employees.

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Efforts helped inform and shape an effective media campaign and garnered excitement around the features of ProAir® Digihaler™. The campaign launch also helped set the stage for future advancements in Teva’s portfolio of digital treatments.


  • Distributed multimedia news release including “How It Works” and testimonial videos
  • Secured 27 unique articles and broadcast placements
  • Engaged with key advocacy partners for communications to their members
  • Reached 490K+ community stakeholders via social media
  • Deployed internal communications to garner excitement and support among employees